Mexican Boulder — Calibanus hookeri – South Murvaul Succulents

Mexican Boulder — Calibanus hookeri

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This is a favorite among many. It’s a succulent. It’s a caudiciform. It’s from Mexico. It’s deciduous. 

During its dormant period, only the caudex is visible above ground and it looks like a rock. It looks like a random rock sitting on top of the ground. However, during its period of growth, it produces a wonderful grass that grows vertically from the caudex. If you’re not familiar with this plant, google it. You’re going to want one. 

I have heard of this plant being hardy to below 15F; however, I don’t want to test it. I bring mine in before the temps get below 32F— but maybe you can test the limits of the Mexican Boulder. 

It likes full sun— maybe a bit of afternoon shade. Water when dry. Use a really well draining soil. Use a shallow pot— something more like bowl. You don’t want this plant to have wet feet.