Dragon Fruit Cactus – South Murvaul Succulents
Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon Fruit Cactus

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Your plant will ship bare-root but will be similar to the one in the small picture. 

Dragon Fruit cactus is an epiphyte that is found growing among the canopied jungled forests of South America and South East Asia.

It produces a fruit which is popular among many and is also commonly found in supermarkets.

I have good luck growing dragon fruit and I use an epiphytic soil blend.   

I like my dragon fruit to receive indirect bright light— they seem to respond well to that. I keep my dragon fruit plans out of direct sun; however, I have a friend that grows his in almost full sun and his plants look good. I recommend bright indirect light— you won’t sunburn the plant.

This plant requires more water than an arid cactus— follow basic epiphyte watering guidelines. 

I don’t let my dragon fruit cactus get below 40F.