Austrocephalocereus Dybowskii – South Murvaul Succulents
Austrocephalocereus dybowskii

Austrocephalocereus Dybowskii

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Austrocephalocereus Dybowskii Is a hairy and wooly columnar cactus native to Brazil. 

Your cactus will ship bare-root and will be similar to the small specimen in the pictured clay pot.  

Botanical Name — Austrocephalocereus Dybowskii, Espostoopsis Dybowskii

Water - Allow to dry out between waterings

Sun - Full sun to some shade

Cold Hardiness  25-32F (I don’t let mine get below 40F)

Size - Up to 12ft tall. 

Flower - White — blooms at night. 


Large A. dybowskii :

someone10x, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons