The South Murvaul Blotter – South Murvaul Succulents

The South Murvaul Blotter

  • It’s Monsoon Season in Deep East Texas

    By: John Castro

    “I phoned Seth Jones just a few days ago... he yelled into the phone something about his saguaro seedlings being underwater and then I heard him gurgle and the phone line went dead...”

  • The Story of Us

    By: The Entire S.M.S. Crew

    “The four of us, Samantha, Seth, Savanah, and Thomas, all being avid fans and growers of various and sundry plant varieties, after a month of consideration, met in Apache Junction, Arizona for a weekend getaway and to finalize the details of our new succulent nursery enterprise...”

  • Fistfights and Forgiveness in the World of Xerophiles

    By: John Castro and Seth Jones

    “The topic and subject of succulent and cacti soil mix recipes is an often contentious and combative affair. I have on three occasions seen “normal” horticulturalists engage in hand-to-hand combat over this subject...”